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Cosmic Landscape

Michael Rowan-Robinson, published In Our Universe: an Armchair Guide. reprinted by permission of the author

Once it was the navigators crossing the oceans to find
new continents and new creatures, the globe opening up
before their eyes, and at the same time the unknown areas
white on the map shrinking.

Now it is the astronomers' telescopes penetrating the void
to find new worlds, voyages of discoveries made with giant
metal eyes, seeing light we cannot see.

No more the San Gabriel, the Santa Maria, the Victoria
the Beagle or the Challenger. But Mount Palomar, Kitt Peak,
Green Bank, Mauna Kea, Medicina, Effelberg, Coonabarabrand.

Our voyages are made on a photon's back. Before us lies
the cosmic landscape, and our goal is nothing less than
the origin of life, earth, sun, stars, galaxies, universe.

The third Live From the Stratosphere video, The Jupiter Mission, will first air on October 12, 1995, Columbus Day, the anniversary of the arrival of Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria, in the Americas.

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