Project Notes

Programs and Initial Air Dates and Times

Program 1 Science in the Stratosphere

September 19, 1995, 11:00-11:30 Eastern

Program 2 The Pre-Flight Briefing

LIVE: October 5, 1995, 12:00-13:00 Eastern

Program 3 The Jupiter Mission

LIVE: October 12, 1995, 14:30-17:00 Eastern

Program 4 Night Flight to the Stars

LIVE: October 13, 1995, 20:00-25:00 (01:00, 10/14/1995) Eastern

Program 5 Return to the Stratosphere

October 31, 1995, 14:00-15:00 Eastern

Primary Satellite Coordinates

Ku-band: Telstar 401, 97 degrees West

For all telecasts except that of 10/13: Telstar 401, Transponder 8
For the program of 10/13: Telstar 401, Transponder 11

Please note: this refers to carriage on the satellite used by PBS. Carriage on the satellite does not necessarily imply broadcast by an individual PBS station. Please check local listings in advance of air time to verify local arrangements! An on-line listing of confirmed carriage by local stations and educational networks will be accessible after September 1, 1995 and will be updated through November 17, 1995.

C-band: NASA TV, Spacenet 2, 69 degrees West, Transponder 5

NASA TV has indicated it will carry programs at the time and date scheduled. However Shuttle schedules and other factors may modify this. Again, please check current schedules close to air time. NASA TV publishes its daily schedule over NASA Spacelink.


Tapes of the programs as broadcast (or versions edited for time) can be ordered from Passport to Knowledge.

Contingency Announcement

Field research on a scientific frontier is inherently unpredictable. Even traditional school trips are subject to weather and other disruptions. The Live From the Stratosphere observing missions are not only dependent upon weather, and aircraft and telescope readiness, but also upon NASA's ACTS satellite and the Broadband Aeronautical Terminal installed on the Kuiper Airborne Observatory for this series of experiments in education and "telescience." (see inside back cover for more on ACTS) The production team has put in place contingency plans for most eventualities. In the event of temporary loss of signal, live programming will continue from the ground sites, interspersed with pre-taped segments. Please register for on-line Live From the Stratosphere updates or check our Web site,

Off-Air Taping Rights

The co-producers have made the standard public television Extended Rights period of one year after initial broadcast available for free school and classroom use.

On-line Resources

The on-line resources that are a unique element of this project are described in more detail in another section. Background information is already available, and will remain accessible indefinitely, so long as it remains current. The project's interactive and collaborative components, such as Researcher Q & A will commence with the first live broadcast, on October 5, 1995, and will be supported at least through November 17, 1995. To subscribe via e-mail, contact:

In the body of the message, write subscribe updates-lfs. The LFS gopher site is: under Interactive Projects

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