Project Staff and Acknowledgements

Live From the Stratosphere is a Passport to Knowledge project. The video programs are a co-production of Geoff Haines-Stiles Productions, Inc., and Maryland Public Television. Night Flight to the Stars is co-presented by WNET/New York.

This project was supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation.

Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the foundation.

Live From the Stratosphere is also supported by the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications Program of NASA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications, the NASA Astrophysics Division, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Education and PBS K-12 Learning Services.

Project Director and Executive Producer

Geoffrey Haines-Stiles

Executive in Charge of Production, GHSP, Inc.

Erna Akuginow

For Maryland Public Television

Raymond K. K. Ho, President and CEO
James P. Abbott, V.P. New Business Development
Jane Began, Director, NIPS
George R. Benaman, II, Production Manager

Curriculum and Classroom Activities Development Team

Richard Dowling, SpaceMedia Inc., Montrose, CA
Pat Haddon, Grade 6 Science Teacher, Summit Middle School, Summit, NJ
April Keck Lloyd, Elementary Teacher, Charlottesville, VA
Patty Miller, KidScience Teleschool Teacher, Hawaii Department of Education
Margaret Riel, Ph.D., Interlearn, Encinitas, CA
Marc Siegel, NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
James S. Sweitzer, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center for Astrophysical
Research in Antarctica, University of Chicago
Jan Wee, Library Media Director, West Salem Middle School, West Salem, WI
April S. Whitt, Fernbank Science Center, DeKalb County School District, Atlanta, GA
Bruce "Chip" Daley, Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV

Astronomical Consultants

Edna DeVore, FOSTER Project, SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA
William A. Gutsch, Jr., past President, International Planetarium Society, and former Chairman, Hayden Planetarium, NY
D. A. Harper, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago
R.F. Loewenstein, Senior Research Associate, Dept of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago
Linda Morris, Director of Education/Center Director, Buehler Challenger and Science Center, Paramus, NJ
Carolyn Sumners, Director of Astronomy and Physics, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Passport to Knowledge National Advisory Board

Joseph D. Exline, Curriculum Reform Consultant, VA
Dale Andersen, Exobiologist, NASA Ames Research Center
Scott Coletti, Middle School Teacher, Mountain View, CA
Camille Moody, NASA Education, Washington, DC
John Rummel, Marine Biological Laboratories, Woods Hole, MA
Thom Stone, NSI/Sterling Software

Kuiper Airborne Observatory

Wendy Whiting, Mission Director
Curt Laughlin, Project Manager
Jim McClenahan, Facility manager
Carl Gillespie, Science Coordinator
Walt Miller w Tom Connors, KAO Engineering Staff, NSI
Allan Meyer, Astronomer and Tracker Operator
Terry Rager, Project Pilot
Marty Agan w Art Densmore, JPL: ACTS Experiment

Imaging/Documentation Branch, NASA Ames

Ed Schilling w Paul Langston
David Maurantonio
Ted Foldvary, Technical Consultant

NASA K-12 Internet Initiative

Jennifer Sellers, Sterling Software
Marc Siegel
NASA Spacelink
Flint Wild

PBS ON-LINE and PBS K-12 Learning Services

Sandra Welch, VP Learning Services
Cindy Johanson w Francis Thompson

Educational Outreach and Information

Tim Hallinan, Tel Ed, Inc./Los Angeles

for WNET/New York

Bill Baker, President
Fred Noriega, Director, National Productions
Fred Cotton, Chief Engineer
John Schwally, Production Manager w Randy Joseph, Engineer in Charge

Additional Production Assistance

For the live uplink sites has been furnished by:
The Adler Planetarium, Chicago * Booneville School District * The Mississippi State University Television Center * Tri-State Industry Education Initiative * Fernbank Science Center, DeKalb County School System, GA * Georgia Public Television * Gates Planetarium, Denver Museum of Natural History * KRMA, Denver and KTSC, Pueblo, CO * Hawaii Department of Education, Office of Information and Technology * Houston Museum of Natural Science * The community partnership of Prairie Public Television, Fargo, ND and the Fargo Public Schools * Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ * The National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Special Thanks

Lizabeth Aldarete, NASA Ames * Don Asquin, Gates Planetarium, Denver Museum of Natural History * Charles Benton, Films, Inc./PMI, Chicago * Joe Benton, NASA TV * Joe Bredekamp, NASA Office of Space Science * Bill Burnette, NASA-Industry Education Initiative, & Tri-State Initiative * Jim Cockrell, KAO Project, NASA Ames * Ted Dunham, Project Scientist, KAO, NASA Ames * Darcy Evon, Development Office, University of Chicago * Ken Fisher, Lockheed-Martin Aerospace, Sunnyvale, CA * Mary Ann Hull, Laura McLanaghan, Sandy Buleza, Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ * Maureen Kerr, National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC * John Krisch, New Business Development, MPT * Fritz Hasler and Alan Nelson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center * Garth Hull, Tom Clausen, and Tom Gates Education Office, NASA Ames Research Center * Paul Hunter, HPCC-IITA, NASA Aeronautics * Wes Huntress, Associate Administrator for Space Science, NASA * Paul Knappenberger, Director, and Douglas Duncan, Director of Astronomy, Adler Planetarium * Alan Ladwig, Advisor to the Administrator, NASA * Mark Leon, IITA, NASA Ames Research Center * NASA Lewis Research Center, ACTS Experiments Office * Frank Owens and Malcom Phelps, NASA Education * Mary Lou Ray and Molly McGill, Pacific Mountain Network * Juan Rivera, Telescope Operator, KAO Project * Al Ross and Rich Andrews, NASA Ames Research Center * Michael Rowan-Robinson * Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan * Gerhard Salinger and Franzie Loepp, NSF * Ted Stanik, Principal, Summit Middle School, NJ * Deanne Tucker and Robert Yee, NASA Ames Research Center * Lee Wade, NSI, NASA Ames Research Center * Tina Waganer, MPT * Dan Weedman, Larry Caroff, Mike Kaplan, Jeff Rosendahl, Astrophysics Division, NASA HQ

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