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PASSPORT TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Educators Imaging Lessons

Student Worksheet for Lesson B

Mars Mystery Spot:
Magnifying Pixels

Other tools in NIH Image let you study further the image of Warrego Vallis.

  1. Again start up NIH Image and open the image of Warrego Vallis. The file is titled Warrego.tif. Write down all the information in the title bar after opening the image.

  2. In the Tools window you will see a picture of a magnifying glass (it is just above the grabber hand). Select the magnifying glass and click at least 3 times, any where on the image.

    1. Write down all the information in the title bar after you magnify the image?

      Click two more times on the picture. Watch the title bar of the Warrego Vallis window as you click on the image with the magnifying glass. Write down all the information in the title bar after you magnify two more times.

    2. Now go back to the Tools window and double click fast on the magnifying glass tool.

    3. Write an instruction that will show a student new to NIH Image how to reset the magnifying tool. Answering the new a students question "How do I reset the magnifying glass tool?"

      Magnify your Warrego Vallis image. Now hold down the key on the keyboard that has the word "Options" written on it. With the options key down click on the image again. Let go of the options key and click again on the image.

    4. Describe what happens when you use the option key with the magnifying glass?
      NOTE-The change in the arithmetic sign inside the magnifying glass with use of the option key and the Magnifying tool.

    5. What do you think the ratio in the title bar means?

    6. Write the following ratios as a multiplication problem? Then solve the problem?

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