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Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the developer, PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE, and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Science Foundation.


This section of the website is the place to find out more about the adventurous researchers, and the dedicated science support teams of engineers, computer scientists and technicians of many different talents and backgrounds who build and operate the instruments we need to unravel the myseries of Mars and the solar system.

BIOgraphies introduces you to the researchers and their support teams in their own words, describing how they started exlporing the solar system, and what they most like about their challenging careers. Here you'll meet undergraduates as well as senior scientists.

INTERVIEWS let you experience the mission through the eyes of the people involved.

FIELD JOURNALS takes you behind the scenes with first-person accounts of some of the adventures of the mind and body these researchers have experienced.

The exploration of Mars is ongoing with new findings reported and amazing new images sent back weekly. Here's a handy online archive of some of the most interesting research.

Living proof of the energy, diversity and commitment of the men and women behind the rover mission can be seen in the 6 scientists and engineers who hit the road in early December 2003 in a 9-day, 5-city tour designed to engage youngsters in some of America's largest cities. Relive the information, anecdotes and excitement with images from the tour, and comments from the M-Team and some of the 10,000 youngsters, parents and teachers they met along the way.