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Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the developer, PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE, and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Science Foundation.

PASSPORT TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Educators Imaging Lessons

Imaging Lesson A

Name: Scott Coletti
Date: 6-25-97 (Wed.)

Student Population: 6/7/8 graders (on and off grade level, +/- 3 grades)

Unit Goal- Students will name geological features of Warrego Vallis on Mars, use digital image processing and analysis software in preparation to play the Mars Mystery Spot (Array) Game.

Lesson Objective- Students will analyze and write report on a Viking Orbiter image of one Martian valley.

Anticipatory Set-

  • Students will:
    • View 1 minute Mars briefing clip from videos titled "Live From Mars: COUNTDOWN" OR "Live From Mars: CRUISING BETWEEN THE PLANETS" from the Broadcast components of the Live From Mars project". Alternatively you can use Mars clip embedded in The Plane ts" by BMG.
  • Instruction Set-Teacher will:
    • Show video and explain lesson activity/word bank (flatten for your population) on white board.
    • Randomly select 3 students to read student handout aloud.
    • Select one student helper for Demonstration of steps 1a-5a on LCD panel.
    • Check for understanding by having students highlight Grabber Hand in NIH Image Toolbox
    • Direct and help students to open the lessons image file.
    • Facilitate student use of software tools, analysis and writing task.
    • Turn on background music of Holtz "The Planets".
    • Annotate individual student records as facilitation proceeds.

Guided Practice- Student helper will be directed to go through steps 1a-5a. Students will be helped and encouraged as teacher circulates through understanding check and facilitation.

Closure- Students will be brought together as class. 10 students at a time will be allowed to get up and "schmooz" with other students, asking questions and listening to explanations. Teacher will call for the shut down of the lab 3 minutes before passing bell rings.

Independent Practice- NONE

Materials & Equipment- At least 3 Macs, Student Handout, NIH Image 1.60 or newer, Learner records printed for annotation, Image file of Warrego Vallis on Mars, Music and Video titled "Live From Mars: COUNTDOWN" OR "Live From Mars: CRUISING BETWEEN THE PLANETS" or "The Planets" by BMG", AV hardware.

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