Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about the Mars Pathfinder

Assembly language programming used in Pathfinder

Materials to build Pathfinder and their performance

Most expensive part of MPF

Where Pathfinder was built

Man of the year award

Hardware protection against radiation

Challenges in using VxWorks

MPF lander SSPA specs

Rover and lander voltage

Level and quality of electronics used in mission

Paint technology for spacecrafts

Names on lander

Selection of programming languages

Duplicate landing site on Earth

Caltech participation in mission

Inscriptions on Pathfinder

Solar cell specs

Effect of solar flares

New technologies that could have been used in PF

Communications uplink settings

Australia's part in PF mission

Protocol used in Pathfinder

Radiation-hardened components

Design margins

Pathfinder's cost to taxpayers

Listening in on PF communications

Data rate from Mars to Earth

Number of people working on Pathfinder

Sending fanmail

Modems in lander

Data compression

PF lander X-band power and gain

Sterilization of Pathfinder

Adjusting for Mars when designing Pathfinder on Earth

Repeating Viking mission and wasting taxpayer money

Pathfinder toys and models

Time required to build another Pathfinder

Martian season when Pathfinder lands

Assembling the Pathfinder cutout

Choice of pyrotechnic devices

Pathfinder computer

CPU MegaHertz limit

Eliminating risk

Inexpensive instruments in Pathfinder

Why Pathfinder was chosen for Discovery program

Designing Pathfinder's camera system

Pathfinder's distance from Mars and Earth

Dimensions of Pathfinder

Can Pathfinder withstand a meteorite hit

Process for getting data

Size of Pathfinder satellite dish

Differences between Pathfinder and Russian mission

Power source for Pathfinder

Mission objectives

Plutonium fuel for Pathfinder

Time to build Pathfinder

Flight plans of different spacecraft