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Shonte Wright
Thermal Systems Cognizant Engineer ("Cog-E") for
Mars Exploration Rovers mission
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

We want to dispel the myth that you have to be a geek... that you have to be a nerd... that you must have a short sleeved shirt with a slide rule in your left pocket. We want to dispel that myth. There are people here at JPL that are extremely well-rounded. There are people that work 11-12 hours, and then they go over to Caltech and they play that baseball or softball or basketball, and they have a great time. There are people that participate in different types of football leagues and all types of things. We have lots of athletes at JPL that are just actively involved in numerous things. We have people that are in the band. We have a great "big band" around here, and sometimes they play at lunch. We have a well-rounded community and I think it is something that we need to do in dispelling the myth that you have to be basically "Dilbert" to be an engineer. That is definitely a myth that needs to be dispelled.

P2K: What do you do on your down time? What are your hobbies? What do you like doing? What books do you read? What movies do you see? What music do you listen to?

Shonte Wright: I listen to a variety of music. My music, I love anything from U2 to big band. I listen to everything. I love rap. I love R&B. I love rock. I love music. Anything that is interesting and has a great beat to it. With regards to my extracurricular activities I do a lot of outreach. Talking with kids. Just hanging out with kids. Dealing with robotics, and talking with them about how things that we do here at JPL are things that they can be involved with. One of my favorite things to do outside of that, and outside of JPL, is actually play basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport, and I just love playing basketball. I play basketball anywhere from 8 to 9 hours a week over at the Caltech gym.

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