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Nagin Cox
Flight System Engineer
NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers Project
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Nagin Cox Actually my full name is Zinaid Nagin Cox, but I go by my middle name which is Nagin, and that's spelled Nagin, but it's pronounced as if it was Nagee. The reason I go by my middle name is because my sister and I, as is sometimes common in Asian families, have the same first name so we have to go by our middle names. I was born in India. My parents are full Indians, so I'm 100 percent Indian, but my name is Arabic. The Muslim community is a minority in India but it is a large percentage of the population and my parents are both Muslims and so my name is Arabic in origin, but I did not spend very much of my life in India at all. I spent a few years in Malaysia, but I pretty much grew up here in Kansas City. And why the N is not pronounced, you'd have to ask my parents.

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