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Tim Gallagher
Mars Pathfinder, Camera Control Electronics Designer
Lockheed Martin, Colorado

It was pure chance that I became an engineer. After Vietnam I really wanted out of the medical field and one of the few openings in the Air Force at that time was for Electronic Computer Repair. While attending electronics classes in my new field I discovered that I had an aptitude for it and thus my career started. Before the Air Force classes the only electrical thing I knew was how to screw in a light bulb!

Family Items

I am married to Van (pronounced Young) and we have a teenage daughter named Kim. Kim would really be mad if I didn't mention her name a few times in my bio - so Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, and Kim!

Kim, 16 years old, currently attends Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado. She enjoys playing competitive softball in the summer (her second year at it) and for the school as well. We enjoy watching Kim play and during the summer our vacation is going to softball tournaments.

We have a pet cockatiel named Christina who is very smart and can be quite a troublemaker.

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