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To MARS with MER - RESEARCH/ers Biographies from the original LIVE FROM MARS

Overall Mission Management
   Donna Shirley
   Matt Golombek
   Tony Spear
   Mary Kaye Olsen

Scientists and Researchers
   Tim Schofield
   Ken Edgett
   Steve Lee
   Jeff Plescia
   Geoff Briggs
   Bill Sjogren
   Peter Smith
   Bruce Jakosky
   Peter Thomas
   Mike Malin
   Robert Haberle
   Phil Christensen
   Wendy Calvin
   Steve Wall
   Greg Wilson
   Mike Mellon
   D.C. Golden
   Jack Farmer
   Ted Roush
   Jim Murphy

Systems Engineering and Mission

   Wayne Lee
   Tim Gallagher
   Bridget Landry
   Rob Manning
   Charles Whetsel
   Mark Adler

Mission Operations
   Matt Wallace
   Richard Cook
   Steven Stolper
   Guy Beutelschies
   Christopher Salvo
   David Mittman

Spacecraft Navigation
   Pieter Kallemeyn
   Dan Johnston

   Anita Dodson
   Mary Urquhart