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Anita Dodson
Graphic Communicator
Johnson Space Center

Who and What Am I?

My name is Anita Dodson and I'm a graphic communicator (also known as a graphic artist or graphic designer). Graphic communication means communicating through a visual image. Graphic communicators are involved in just about everything you look at. From television programs, billboards, the package on your favorite cookies, to books, magazines, newspapers and the Internet! We design the best way to put words, images and colors together so that it gets the reader's attention and sends a specific message.

What's My Job Like?

I work for Lockheed Martin, a contractor at NASA's Johnson Space Center. My job is to make the scientific and technical information, which the scientists and engineers produce, available to the public in an understandable format. I read technical documents and scientific papers, ask questions about them, and then translate the information into everyday language that you and I can understand. I design and produce brochures, flyers, mission decals, posters, presentations, exhibits, articles and even pages on the World Wide Web. The best part of my job is that everyday and every assignment is different. I get to be creative and try new things all the time. I especially like designing Web sites and working on computers. The worst part of my job is having to work mandatory overtime every week and missing my family. left.

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