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Anita Dodson
Graphic Communicator
Johnson Space Center

How Did I Get Here?

The person who most influenced me to pursue this field has to be my mom. She is an artist too, and not only provided me with a living example, but encouraged me to follow my passion. The best advice she gave me was: "You can do or be anything you want, just make sure that it brings you happiness." I believe that everyone should find out what their special skill, talent or dream is, and let that be the deciding factor when choosing a career. My dad worked at NASA for 35 years as an aeronautical engineer, so I grew up in NASA's backyard. Working here now seems normal. I've been interested in the arts my entire life. I started dancing when I was four and began taking music lessons in elementary school (I played the piano and clarinet). I first decided I would pursue a career in art when I was in junior high. My favorite classes were photography, art and drafting. In college I worked in the art department of the student newspaper and freelanced at advertising agencies. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Communications from the University of Houston. After graduation I worked for an advertising agency and then a magazine publisher. The job I have at NASA is by far my favorite. It is fun to be a part of the space program, however small or unique my contribution may be.

What Do I Do When I'm Not Working?

My family takes up most of my time away from work. I live with my husband, Doug, who is a student (again!) at the University of Houston. We have two children, Katlyn, who's in third grade and Travis, who's in preschool. We have one very large dog who thinks he's one of the kids! Our favorite pastime is laughing. We seem to do that a lot. Someday when the kids get older and I have the time, I would like to write books.

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