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Tim Gallagher
Mars Pathfinder, Camera Control Electronics Designer
Lockheed Martin, Colorado

Flight Telerobotic Servicer: The robotic arm that was planned to help build the Space Station and relieve the astronauts of many dangerous tasks. It was very interesting to learn the control algorithms necessary to move an object in three-dimensional space. My job was to integrate the hardware and software systems.

Brilliant Pebbles: Another "Star Wars" idea that relied on many small "pebbles" (file-cabinet-sized satellites) to release a kinetic kill vehicle toward a hostile missile target. The kill vehicle would destroy missiles by impacting them, equivalent to firing a bullet to hit another bullet. My job was to design the first prototype of the controller system between the booster and the kill vehicle.

Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR): An instrument package for the Cassini mission heading toward Saturn. The DISR is part of the Huygens Probe, which will descend into the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan and make imaging and spectral observations. My job was to design and develop both the CCD and infrared imaging simulators and the payload interfaces. Cassini is scheduled to launch later this year.

Imager For Mars Pathfinder: As described at the beginning of this page.

Multi-Service Launch System (MSLS): To quote Lockheed Martin, "The Multi-Service Launch Systems Program provides an effective and efficient launch service for a variety of different payloads, at great savings to the American taxpayer." Basically, it converts Minuteman II missiles from a wartime mission to a peacetime one instead of destroying them. My job was to design the software to control the missile's booster, nozzles and payload interface. MSLS had its first launch last year, which was very successful.

Data Link Formatter: A very high-speed state-of-the-art data handler system. Taking in up to 4.8 Gbps (billion bits per second), it can queue (keep track of), format, control and route data to an output system as needed. Attached to this is a 500 Gbit memory system (imagine having 4000 times more memory for your home computer!). My job was to architect the system and support the program in an advisory position.

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