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Jessica Collisson
Integration and Test Team
NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers Project
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

P2K: What qualities of mind would you be looking for as a manager in up and coming people to work on a mission like this?

Jessica Collisson: Creative, dedicated,,,you need to be assertive. You don't want somebody that's too head strong, but you want somebody who is going to make sure that their ideas or their concerns are heard...and somebody who is optimistic and wants the good of the project like everybody else and is fun and has a good attitude. Our best times are when we're joking around in the lab or giving each other a hard time over little things that go on throughout our day. So having a good attitude is a very strong quality that's needed, especially when there's a lot of pressures and constraints and things that are changing all the time. As long as you understand that it's for the good of the project, then I think we all get through this together.

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