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Jessica Collisson
Integration and Test Team
NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers Project
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

P2K: So if you're talking to a young audience of boys or girls and they ask how do I get involved, what are the steps?

Jessica Collisson: Get involved in any sort of team activities that build something or design something. Ideally you would want a project that says your job is to build this and you get to think of, well how do I want it to work. And then you put the parts together, build it and you get to test it which tells you if you designed it correctly and go through the different steps. I think being involved in extra activities and books is definitely important to get the base knowledge of how things should work so you can design them correctly. But being involved with a team and learning how to work with others and take their suggestions along with your suggestions and learning how to work with different groups of people and come together on a final project, I think, is something that's definitely needed in order to be involved in a big project like we are.

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