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Edward W. Tunstel
Mobility and Navigation Flight Systems Engineer
Mars Exploration Rovers mission
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

P2K: What do you do outside of JPL?

Edward W. Tunstel: One of my hobbies is actually robotics, even at home. I have a project that I rarely ever get the time to do, but it's there nonetheless and it's something I like to do. I'm also interested in sports as and basketball. So I spend time doing those things as well, including mountain bike riding.

P2K: When you were a kid did you dream that you'd be doing what you're doing now?

Edward W. Tunstel: Not quite. I knew that I'd be doing something technical, some thing analytical, but it had to be fun. And I've been fortunate enough to land into a sort of job that actually is a combination of all that.

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