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Edward W. Tunstel
Mobility and Navigation Flight Systems Engineer
Mars Exploration Rovers mission
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

P2K: For kids watching this, what advice?

Edward W. Tunstel: Well in order to get the opportunity to work with these types of systems, work in these types of laboratories and all these great and intelligent people, what you need to do, first of all, is study and concentrate on math and science in school, at all levels. When you get to college and you certainly do need to go to college, try and focus those math and science technical capabilities toward something that you like to do, be it in engineering or in science fields. And when you do that, also pay attention to what's happening in those fields at the professional level. What are people doing on the outside of school. And stay abreast of the types of things they're into, so you know what you need to know in order to be able to compete in the job environment when you're done.

P2K: In terms of the qualities of mind, what kinds of people are right to work here?

Edward W. Tunstel: The types of people that are right to work in this type of environment are people who have an open mind, they're good technically and they're creative. Those are really the key requirements. Being able to get along with other people also helps, but creativity and an open mind will get you a long way in this field.

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