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Edward W. Tunstel
Mobility and Navigation Flight Systems Engineer
Mars Exploration Rovers mission

P2K: What's the worst thing about your job?

Edward W. Tunstel: Oh boy, the worst thing about my job. I'm not sure there is one. I like my job quite a lot and I've been doing it for a good number of years, going on 14 years. And so I can't really say there's a lot bad about it.

P2K: Once you got excited by meeting those first scientists and engineers, what did you have to do at school, at college to get you ready for what you're doing now?

Edward W. Tunstel: That's a good question. Primarily I talked to a number of different engineers over time and I tried to figure out what they did...what worked for them...what didn't work. Also I tried to figure out exactly what types of things I needed to focus on in school and I basically found those things out and executed a plan, if you will, to actually study the proper things, to make the proper connections to people in industry and laboratories around the country and pursue the career.

P2K: Where you a natural in computers and math or did you have to work hard to get where you are?

Edward W. Tunstel: I certainly was not a natural in math.. math came to me over time. I always did relatively good at it, but I didn't start liking it until college. As far as computers, I took to computers quite easily. I'm quite a good programmer...I don't know why that is. It might have to do with analytical thinking and so forth which I guess I'm pretty good at.

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