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LIVE FROM MARS 2001: Mars Conference

Mars Virtual Teacher Training Conference
The Sights & Impressions of those in Attendance

Friday, July 19, 1996

We Hear from our Teachers and...

Dave Eggebrecht of Wisoncon spoke of collaborative activities; Roger Stryker of Texas spoke on students as "web-masters"; Dave Grott of New York spoke of using project components offline when resources are limited; Ruth Wahl of New York spoke of how a teacher can participate with only one computer and minimal Internet access

Our next panel, moderated by Geoff Haines-Stiles on the subject of the video component, included (from left to right):
Sharon Spence from Kansas who talked about using district resources to compensate for school-site difficulties accessing the video online; C.J. Rodke from Pennsylvania spoke of participating at a live uplink; Charlotte Stevens from Georgia spoke about time-shifting the live programs and involving parents; Ginny Dexter from California spoke about the advantages of viewing the videos live

The final teacher panel was led by Pat Haddon, New Jersey and covered the hands-on component.

The panel included:
Jake Chaput from New York
Rhonda Toon from Georgia
JoLynne Roberts from Washington and
Rob Matlock of California

Jan Wee then closed the morning's activities by acknowledging the efforts of many including the NASA TV camera crew and behind-the-scenes workers.

After a quick lunch teachers adjourned to the National Academy of Science to participate in the NAS Mars agenda.

A summary of the panel discussion is available thanks to Teacher Advocate Patricia D.Cook

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