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LIVE FROM MARS 2001: Mars Conference

Mars Virtual Teacher Training Conference
The Sights & Impressions of those in Attendance

Friday, July 19, 1996

We Hear from our Teachers and...

The morning began with an address by Geoff Haines-Stiles giving a quick overview of Passport to Knowledge past and future and shared a short video digest of past projects as teachers looked on.

A summary of the morning session is available thanks to Teacher Advocate Renee Crawley.

Teachers with experience using electronic field trips shared their experiences and "tips":

Marilyn Wall from Virginia (far left) spoke first about adapting "middle school" science materials to the younger grades and non-science classes followed by Tim McCollum from Illinois (far right) on integrating new technologies

Rob Theriaque from New Hampshire spoke about using PTK with high school students

Bonnie Bracey, from Washington D.C. (the only teacher member of the National Telecommunications Infrastructure Advisory board) added a national context to the PTK projects.

Our next perspective was from leading government research agencies as Malcolm Phelps (NASA Education) spoke on NASA's interest, space-age technologies and science education followed by a question and answer period.

Marc Siegel NASA K-12 Internet Initiative visited with teachers before moderating a panel discussion on the online component with teachers:

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