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Wendy Calvin
Research Scientist
U.S. Geological Survey, Flagstaff, Arizona

The Rest of Life and Fun Stuff

When I'm not working I like to hike and backpack. Flagstaff is nice because it sits at 7000 feet in elevation and it snows so I can ski and snowboard. I just bought new downhill skis so I will probably do more of that then boarding this year. I also like cross-country skiing because it is quiet and kind of like walking in the woods, except it's winter. I read all kinds of books and listen to jazz, blues and rock. I didn't have a TV for many years, but now have an old one and watch only one show a week, "X-Files." (This from somebody who watched game shows, "Gilligan's Island" and "Star Trek" all through junior high and high school).

I'm not married but was once, many years ago. Currently I live with my boyfriend, his mutt dog Albert Einstein, and my wild orange cat Rhubarb who I took home from the field by where I work. I have a 22-year-old British sports car that lets me work with my hands and substitutes for "tinkering" in a lab at work. I also sew clothes and love cooking. The picture above still looks mostly like me; though I cut my hair short last summer. It's much easier to camp out and backpack for five days if you don't have to worry about your hair. I gave up wearing contacts for the same reason: glasses are just so much easier, and since I always

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