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Bruce Jakosky
Interdisciplinary Scientist
University of Colorado, Boulder

I've been in Colorado since 1982, where most of my research has been on the atmosphere and climate of Mars. And, most recently, on the possibility of life on Mars. The most exciting thing about what I do is learning things about Mars or about the universe that nobody else has figured out before. Even though they haven't been major discoveries, I feel that I'm contributing to advancing our knowledge about the world around us. Like every job, mine can be boring at times, too. Writing reports and filling out forms gets old real fast, for instance. But, the exciting parts more than make up for it. I have fun at what I do, and that's the most important thing.

A Little Bit More About Me

I grew up in west Los Angeles, and lived in the L.A. area until I finished school. I live in Colorado now, in a small town (Boulder). I really like it here--there's so much less traffic and noise and pollution. I'm married, and my wife is just finishing up her degree at the university here; we don't have any children.

I don't have any unusual hobbies, but I do like to read (all kinds of things--the newspaper, fiction books, history books) and watch TV. I think that I must be the only person in Boulder who doesn't ski at all. I enjoy visiting with my friends, and I feel lucky because many of my best friends work in the same field as me and I get to see them regularly. I also like to travel, especially to fun vacation spots like Hawaii. I think I might like to live near the water some day, and get a boat.

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