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Bridget Landry
Deputy Uplink Systems Engineer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

People who Influenced me

I remember all my science teachers, but I'm not sure whether that's because of the people they were, or because I was already interested in science so I paid more attention to them. I had one science teacher in ninth grade who was very influential; I remember wanting to be as smart as Miss Dunkle when I grew up. And Mr. Hamilton, my high school chemistry teacher taught me that if I didn't know how to answer the question, put down what I did know, then try to work forward from the beginning and backwards from what was wanted, until I could fill in the middle. That has helped a great deal, both in college classes and in learning new jobs.
"Butterball," Shortstop's sister, and also nine years old.


I live in Los Angeles, am married and my husband's name is Bruce Briant. We have no children, but two cats, Butterball (yellow and white with long hair) and Shortstop (a calico), who are brother and sister. I'm the youngest of seven children, and have three nieces, three nephews, and one nephew-in-law. When we all get together, it makes quite a crowd!

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