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Kobie Boykins
Mechanical Engineering section
NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, California

Good at math & science, bad at spelling, working on communicating!
Math and science came really easy, it was the other part of school that wasn't so easy. It was the things you didn't realize were going to be very important later on in life. Both my parents were educators, so I had a little advantage in that respect, but I can't spell. Thank goodness for spell checker on any documentation that I write! One of the things that I didn't realize then, and I really worked hard to get to, was writing and working on my communication skills. The math and science did come easy, and I didn't really have to work hard at it. But in English, on the other hand, I was probably in the lowest English class, and I'm still working really hard on my communication skills, and on my writing skills, so that I could write down something, and somebody would be able to read and understand what I was trying to convey, and that's just as important as the math and science in engineers, being able to convey what you're thinking.

Because what's in here (pointing to his head) in your brain sometimes goes a million miles an hour and other people won't be able to follow it. If you can put that down on paper and in words, and have it be eloquent so that somebody else can read and understand it, then you're starting to pull together the full package.

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