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Kobie Boykins
Mechanical Engineering section
NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, California

Working in an amusement park
I did a lot of tinkering, hobby type tinkering, remote control (RC) cars, and RC planes and vehicles like that, where you buy this kit, some huge number of parts and you start putting them together painstakingly, and soon enough it becomes a vehicle. Then you say, Hey, I need to work some - at the time I worked at an amusement park - and put in some hours at the park so that I could go buy the remote controller, because they don't sell that as part of the basic kit, and then you buy the controller, and put that in, and drive the thing around till it breaks, and then you build it again!

So there was a sort of a graduation into bigger toys, but it's really sort of "boys with toys." I started off as a young kid doing that, and now I'm a big kid doing that. It's pretty much the same elation for me. Now it's with big toys and heck of a lot of really great people around me.

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