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NASA Goes Back to the Future with Plans for a Mars Rover in 2003; Possible Second Rover Being Studied
The NASA press release announcing the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission - Science
Looking for signs of past water on Mars is the main goal of the Mars Exploration Rover mission. This page explains this and the other goals of the mission.

Science Briefing
Webcast of the June 6, 2003 science briefing which took place just before the launch of "Spirit".

Mars Exploration Rover Landing Sites
The website for all of the information on the landing site selection.

NASA Rovers Slated to Examine two Intriguing Sites on Mars
Press release announcing the final two landing sites for the Mars Exploration rover mission.

Girl with Dreams Names Mars Rovers 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity' - June 8, 2003
9-year-old Sofi Collis wrote the winning essay to name the Mars Exploration Rovers.

Rover Names Announced
Webcast of the press conference where the rovers were named.

"Spirit" Launch Day Videos
Links to the launch day videos for the first Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit" including the launch itself, rollback of the tower and a weather update, post launch conference and interviews with Mars Exploration Rovers Spacecraft Mission Director Peter Theisinger, Launch Manager (NLM) Omar Baez, and Deputy Project Manager Richard Brace.

"Opportunity" Launch Day Videos
Links to the launch day videos for the second Mars Exploration Rover "Opportunity" including the launch itself, rollback of tower, hault of countdown due to valve problem, and interviews with Omar Baez and Richard Brace.