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Mars Exploration Rovers Launch Vehicle
A look at the Delta II rocket which launched "Spirit" and "Opportunity" and why they were chosen.

Spacecraft: Cruise Configuration
A detailed explanation of the Mars Exploration Rovers cruise stage of the spacecraft.

The Mars Exploration Rovers spacecraft (From NASA press release)
An article on the cruise stage, entery descent and landing, lander and the rover for the Mars Exploration Rover which explains the spacecraft and the process along with diagrams of the spacecraft.

Twin roving geologists bound for surface of Mars
Scott Hubbard explains the ups and downs of Mars exploration, the decision to use the proven method of landing - airbags - for the Mars Exploration Rover mission and a description of the landing sites.

Giant airbags will give rovers' landings a bounce
An article that explains how the Mars Exploration Rovers will use their airbags to land on Mars, some of the risks of landing and what will happen the first few days on Mars.

Spacecraft: Entry, Descent, and Landing Configuration
A detailed explanation of the entry, descent and landing of the Mars Exploration rovers.

Spacecraft: Surface Operations: Rover
A detailed explanation of the Mars Exploration rover complete with diagrams.

Spacecraft: Surface Operations: Instruments
A look at the science instruments on board the Mars Exploration Rovers.