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LIVE FROM MARS: Educators Classroom Connection

Lake Hazel Middle School
Rose Mary Jacobsen

by Jessi Bunch and Angie Nelson
Little Green Martians
Do you think that they exist?
With beady little eyes
That pierce through the darkness
Their slimy little fingers
Or could they be antennae?
They are coming to get me and
I don't know why.
"Take me to your leader"
They threaten me with rays
But I will resist
I will not succumb to their evil ways
They jab me with a stick
And poke me in the eye.
They torture and experiment
I really wanna die
Save me please, oh god!
I cannot take much more
They're playing with my brain
And my head is really sore!
Do you have some aspirin
or maybe an epidural,
Because if I keep writing this poem,
I might get a referral!

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