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LIVE FROM MARS: Educators Classroom Connection

Lake Hazel Middle School
Rose Mary Jacobsen

Alien by Amanda Bird
Pulsing, raging, smokey black, hide your eyes and turn your back.
Sticky, string-like, spiney bones, piece of fear that moans and groans.
Gas and garbage, trunky trash, ugly green and purple rash.
Large and hollow chunk of mush, living in a screaming hush.
Burning hot and scalding trump, disformed mass of bumpy hump.
Spikey point of sharpened hairs, sneaking through each other's lairs.
Watching us here down on Earth, wait for a power rebirth.
Hoping soon to overcome, and be the last living one.
Spying stars, peeking comets, aid the lurking silent vomit.
Bubbley spaces and their eyes, search for freedom in the skies.
You may not know, you may not care, you may not even know quite where.
But somewhere in the space's a bein', watching you from Mars...

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