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The 3rd IPY of 1957-58 developed into "IGY" - International Geophysical Year (adding studies of atmosphere, geomagnetism and space to studies of ice) and led to major breakthroughs such as the confirmation of plate tectonics, improved understanding of the aurora, and the dedication of the entire southern continent to peaceful scientific research through the Antarctic Treaty. But while there were excellent newspaper articles throughout IPY, by journalists like Walter Sullivan of the New York Times and others, the "official" films of IGY did not debut until 1960 - 3 years after the science year itself began. This time, it's very different. The Internet, websites like this one, satellite communications, researchers who commit time and energy to education and outreach as well as science (and the government agencies who support them, such as NSF and NASA) change everything. Throughout 2007-2009, you'll have a chance to follow along in real, or very close to real-time, on expeditions North and South: this section offers "supplies and resources" for your virtual expeditions - links to some of the best information our team currently knows of concerning the Arctic and Antarctic. Mouse over an icon (they're pretty self-explanatory, but why not explore them all?), and you'll find links to books, websites, hands-on activities, articles, expeditions, blogs, vlogs, and more. We'd love to hear from you with YOUR discoveries: send links or information to us via our form on the Credits & Contacts page.

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