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Back in ancient times, in the Internet Dark Ages (meaning 1993), when people seriously debated whether it was right to post still images because it used up precious bandwidth that should be left for text-only exchanges, we worked on a project called LIVE FROM OTHER WORLDS, where NASA exobiologist, Dale Andersen (one of our PPZA travelers) was able to dive, live and on camera, 100 meters below the ice in McMurdo Sound, and interact with students back in the States who, in turn, could drive the robot whose camera was showing Dale to them - as well as under-ice marvels like starfish. Dale wrote reports which he e-mailed to producer/director Geoff Haines-Stiles, who found them so interesting that we posted them online, calling them "Dale's Dive Diaries." According to Wikipedia, that makes Dale and us the first bloggers, since Wiki's first reference to online journals is dated 1994. SERIOUSLY, we know we didn't really invent the Internet or blogging, BUT blogging is another way you can travel along with adventurers, explorers and researchers. Here are links to some of the best. Enjoy and be sure to share new blogs you find. If you're a teacher, invite your students to follow PolarTREC educators as they accompany more than 30 researchers North and South over the next two years.

Earth Link The Antarctic Sun: "Read all about it!" The weekly newspaper of the US Antarctic Program (USAP) in McMurdo Station: feel like you're there, without the threat of frostbite.
Earth Link 2 Armada Project Journals: Check out Arctic and Antarctic journals from eduators who've "been there and done that." "The ARMADA Project, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides K-12 teachers an opportunity to actively participate in ocean, polar, and environmental science research and peer mentoring."
Earth Link 3 Antarctic Research Facility: Field journals from the SHALDRIL Project. Great images and anecdotes from the deep-sea drilling program.
Earth Link 4 On the Ice: Great blogs and images (and sounds) from a fine artist traveling to and on the ice, from a Rhode Island Sculptor's Antarctic Journal.
Earth Link 5 Joan Myers' Journal: From 2002-2003, but many of Joan's reactions to Antarctica are "classic" and timeless.

PodCasts from the Ice

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