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NSF's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program for many years has sent some of the best photographers and literary artists to The Ice. Former program officer Guy Guthridge and now Kim Silverman have done an excellent job of generating images and poems and books that capture the human side of the continent, as well as stunning visuals. Some exist as books, some in traveling exhibits, some - like films by Werner Herzog (with sound design by our very own Doug Quin) - will be seen on screen and TV soon. There is equally impressive artwork from the Native peoples of the North, images and sculptures of animals and birds, shaped by an intimate knowledge of biology and environment. We hope some of our material will motivate you to visit museums such as the new Museum of the North if you're in Fairbanks, AK, or your local natural history museum, many of which will have artifacts that you'll appreciate with new eyes after seeing the places where the "art" was made.

Earth Link William Stout - Images of Antarctica: Penguins and whales through the imagination and brush of an artist.
Earth Link 2 Sarah Andrews - In Cold Pursuit: This site is for all my friends, readers, and geo-colleagues who enjoy the Em Hansen forensic geology mysteries, and for those who simply love geology and want to know more about it without having to read a textbook.
Earth Link 3 Hazel Edwards - Antarctica Journeys: "Words are a way of coming to terms with the 'awesome' nature of Antarctica, once you've run out of film. Or you have time to think. 'Wintering' or being ice-bound for 18 days provides that time..."
Earth Link 4 Norbert Wu - HDTV Cinematography in Under Antarctic Ice: Does the thought of diving in the chilly waters or trudging across the brutally cold and desolate terrain of Antarctica send shivers down your spine? Imagine spending four and a half months in that climate shooting footage for a television program.
Earth Link 5 Gabriel Warren - Sculptor: In the quest for authenticity and vocabulary in his sculptural voice, Warren became the first sculptor to be sent to Antarctica, courtesy of the National Science Foundation and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.
Earth Link 6 Galen Rowell: Mountain Light Gallery of fine art photography. Many featuring an Antarctic theme.
Earth Link 7 Stephen J. Pyne: To enter Greater Antarctica is to be drawn into a maelstrom of ice. Antarctica is literally fused together, as a continent, by ice. Written for the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, National Science Foundation.
Earth Link 8 Joan Myers - Wondrous Cold: An Antarctic Journal. Although the continent is the size of the United States and Mexico combined, no native population has ever survived in its harsh environment. Whaling and sealing led to small temporary settlements on neighboring islands, but the exploration of the continent itself is barely a century old.
Earth Link 9 Fen Montaigne: Pelham author Fen Montaigne has been awarded a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to support his research on a book about the impact of global warming on Antarctica's penguins.
Earth Link 10 Maria Coryell-Martin: "Through my art, I offer a visual reference for ice and seek to raise awareness and appreciation for polar and glaciated regions."
Earth Link 11 Polar Artists Group: Polar artists take the discoveries of polar scientists and interpret them so that all of the world can see.
Earth Link 12 Gretchen Legler: Gretchen traveled to Antarctica in 1997-1998 as part of the United States National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs Artists and Writers Program. She explored such places as McMurdo Station and environs, the South Pole, the Dry Valleys, remote field camps and more.
Earth Link 13 Chilly Science: Ice and Snow" Jackie Richter-Menge was the consulting editor for this issue of Odyssey Magazine. You will find a Teacher's Guid of the issue online.
Earth Link 14 Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears An online magazine for elementary teachers to help educators learn more about polar science and how to integrate polar science into their current curriculum.
Earth Link 15 Glaciers of North America - GLACIERS OF ALASKA This is the eighth chapter of the "Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World," edited by Richard S. Williams Jr. and Jane G. Farrago. This chapter discusses the glaciers in Alaska.

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