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Listen to the Poles, with the soundscapes and CDs of POLAR-PALOOZA traveler, Douglas Quin. Browse the excellent online videos from last season's ANDRILL project, "drilling into the Antarctic past to see the future." Check out YouTube for some amazing Time-Lapse Videos shot and edited by folks who help support science at McMurdo and Scott Base (New Zealand.) Check out symphonic music of (Vaughn Williams) or "pop orchestral" (Vangelis) or use Garageband to compose your own and post on iTunes. We'll also try to publish dates of upcoming documentaries and radio and TV specials.

Earth Link The World Wildlife Fund's radio series gives voice to Alaskan Natives, young and old: recorded by ace Arctic sound designer, Kathy Turco.     Please Note and Respect the Huslia Council Copyright Notice!
Earth Link 2 Soundprint: Stay tuned for radio reports appearing on NPR stations from Soundprint, one of PPZA's peers in IPY media work in 2007-2009
Earth Link 3 Music from The Ice (actually, the McMurdo Coffee House)
Earth Link 4 Interactive Antarctica Quiz: From the British Antarctic survey, a fun way to test (and enhance!) your knowledge of Earth's southernmos continent.
Earth Link 5 A Friend Acting Strangely: The Smithsonian's recently-closed Washington, DC, exhibit, now "open" online forever. Especially good resources (stills, video and audio) from Arctic residents on the impact of changing climate.
Earth Link 6 Postcards From The Arctic New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin traveled to Greenland to chronicle the climate shifts there and the researchers who studied them. Here are some dispatches he sent while there.
Earth Link 7 QTVR of New Zealand Glaciers 1999 You will find Apple QuickTime VR Panorama movies that present the conditions in front of the Franz Joseph, Fox, Muller, and Tasman Glaciers in New Zealand in late February 1999.
Earth Link 8 New York Times reporter Andy Revkin's dotearth blog

PodCasts from the Ice

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