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How big is the lander?
Student 5

The lander is actually larger than the rover. And you can see it on the edges in the images that you see. But the rover is about the height of a person, about my height. And the lander is bigger around than that.
Nagin Cox
Flight System Engineer
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

If we want to just expand on that just a wee bit. The rover is like what we said here is about her height, but the other size of the rover when the solar arrays are extended is like Shiquel O'Neil. It is almost 7 foot 2 in that direction. It is huge.
Kobie Boykins
Mechanical Systems Engineer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

With your arms spread kind of thing?
Bill Nye

Yeah, a big wing span.
Kobie Boykins
Mechanical Systems Engineer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory