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Spirit Continues to Send Back Amazing New Images From Mars

The Mars Exploration Rover team - both the scientists and the engineers - continue working at peak intensity, and round the clock, at NASA JPL. The mission team is carefully preparing Spirit to roll off the lander some time in the next week, most likely Thursday, Friday or Saturday. (See JPL's January 9 release.) Other teams monitor Opportunity's trajectory for its January 24 landing, and begin to apply any changes in the Entry, Descent and Landing process, learning from what Spirit experienced on January 3. Meanwhile Steve Squyres' science team is analyzing every new image from the Pancam, and welcoming data from newly-activated instruments - like Mini-TES - as they come on line.

P2K is also busy: our live and interactive FIRST LOOK TV special debuts Saturday January 17, from 3-4 p.m. Eastern. Depending on mission requirements, viewers will see and hear Steve Squyres and others live from JPL, interacting with youngsters and families at a Mars Festival at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, commenting on the very latest images and information direct from Mars. (Click here for full details and satellite coordinates.)

This section of the site links you directly to the latest official information from NASA JPL, and to behind-the-scenes journals from several participants in the mission, hosted by Cornell University, The Planetary Society, and others.

The Mars Exploration Rover mission will be adding new pictures, data and stories each and every day: at times this and other websites may be a day or two behind breaking news, but the links to right and under should take you to the very latest information from NASA and its partners. Onwards and Upwards in the exploration of Mars!

Spirit Daily Update Archive

JPL press release archive

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