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R o g e r  G i b b s
Deputy Project Manager, 2001 Mars Odyssey
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA / Caltech

This is pretty hard: why do you like your work?
I like this kind of work, and sometimes I've asked myself why, because there are times now and again where I have trouble sleeping because of the pressure, but that's pretty rare. By and large, this is an exciting opportunity. We have a terrific team, we have our partners are Lockheed Martin in Denver, and they're my buddies, they're my friends, I really do enjoy working with them. We have the teams here, and we have formed a team. I have seen it in sports, and I've seen it here. The situation where on a football team, or on a basketball team, you'll see that people draw together, and they aren't thinking about me, they're thinking about how does this team get better and if I can do my part and block the rusher, if I can do my part and screen out for somebody so the other guy can score the basket or the touchdown, everybody takes an enjoyment in the accomplishment of the team, not necessarily the individual. And we have that in spades, we have people who are dedicated and people who won't let down the other person. Almost everybody here, you can just see it in their face, you can see it in their actions.

How did you get into this kind of work?
I was lucky to get here. It turned out that with my schooling I happened to get a job here while I was in college and that kind of opened my eyes to the opportunity here, but it was something that resonated with me.

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