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Pete Theisinger
Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"Driving to the Review Board, October 2001"

P2K: So you think you have to keep your optimism in check... Do you also have to check your pessimism?

Pete Theisinger: Of course, of course... Various projects have adopted things like what they call the "24 hour rule", or things like that, which... basically says, you know, you got to keep a lid on bad news because it is usually incorrect. I have a phrase I have used with others which is "Nothing is either..."-Pete's Rule, there is one of several, I never discriminate-"...nothing is either as bad or as good as it looks."

P2K: What's the gremlin for the next couple of months???

Pete Theisinger: Schedule: gotta hold the line on schedule, and hopefully our vendors will be able to hold the line on their delivery schedules as well. Umm, that will get us into the Assembly and Test program with good margins, to be able to handle a broad and pervasive test program, and any difficulties we may have in that. That's the gremlin right now, it's "time," as it's been from the very beginning of this effort, it's time, time, time.

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