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Nathalie Cabrol
The SETI Institute and
NASA Ames Research Center

During the meeting, there'd been much debate about whether the most scientifically-interesting sites were safe enough, and whether the safe sites were interesting enough. For a while, despite Nathalie's eloquence and arguments, Gusev looked pretty iffy.

P2K: For a while it looked as if things were going against you, so how does it feel when it didn't seem to be going so well?

Nathalie: "You have to listen to every argument and the selection of the site is not one thing. It is a series of things and Gusev is standing because it's a beautiful science site. It had at some point some flaws in terms of safety because the landing ellipse is too far to the East, but now we can counterbalance that by shifting the ellipse to the West, and this is what's going to happen. Now we have a wonderful science site and a safe site."

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