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Daily Updates - June 27, 2005
Spirit Status at end of sol 518-524

Spirit started this week by completing two remote sensing sols on June 18 and 19 (sols 518 and 519). The rover made observations with its panoramic camera, navigation camera, and miniature thermal emission spectrometer.

Spirit completed a complex drive plan on June 20 (sol 520), and drove 38 meters (125 feet)!

Spirit continued to drive on June 21 (sol 521) using visual odometry, and drove 9 meters (30 feet).

On June 22 (sol 522), Spirit performed remote sensing including panoramic camera observations with 13 different filters, navigation camera observations of dust devils, panoramic and navigation camera images of the rear tracks, and miniature thermal emission spectrometer observations after the afternoon communication session with the Mars Odyssey orbiter.

Spirit drove again on June 23 (sol 523) for 12 meters (39 feet).

More driving is planned for June 24, 2005.

Total odometry as of the end of sol 523 (June 23, 2005) is 4,530.51 meters (2.82 miles).

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