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Daily Updates - June 17, 2005
Spirit Status at end of sol 511-517

This week Spirit finished examining an area on the rock "Backstay" that was brushed away with the rock abrasion tool. Using the microscopic imager and the alpha particle X-ray spectrometer, the rover also looked closely at an undisturbed area on the rock. Spirit then drove away, pulled over to a scenic overlook to take some high-resolution imaging of "Methuselah," and drove onward. Spirit's next goal is to drive to the top of the next ridge.

Sol-by-sol summaries:
Sol 511 (June 11, 2005): Robotic arm work on Backstay: Post-Brush microscopic images, alpha particle X-ray spectrometer integration on brushed spot. Targeted remote sensing.

Sol 512: Robotic arm work on Backstay, microscopic images and alpha particle X-ray spectrometer integration on un-brushed spot, targeted remote sensing.

Sol 513: Drive towards "Methuselah scenic overlook" (15 meters or 48 feet)

Sol 514: Bump, high-resolution panoramic camera images of Methuselah area, drive on (20 meters or 66 feet)

Sol 515: Driving (18 meters or 59 feet)

Sol 516: More driving (12 meters or 39 feet)

Sol 517: Even more driving planned

Total Distance as of sol 516 (June 16, 2005): 4,470.26 meters (2.78 miles)

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