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Daily Updates - May 27, 2004
Spirit Status at end of sol 134 - 135

Spirit roved an impressive 109.5 meters (359.3 feet) on sol 134. Two hours of the drive were guided by the autonomous navigation system. After the long traverse, Spirit completed an hour of post-drive science observations with the panoramic and navigation cameras and mini thermal emission spectrometer. The rover finished the sol healthy and ready for another day on Mars.

After so much driving on sol 134, Spirit got a break and spent sol 135 doing in-situ science investigations of its surroundings. It began the sol observing nearby soil with the alpha particle X-ray spectrometer and Moessbauer spectrometer. It then used the microscopic imager to see the soil up close. After stowing the instrument deployment device, Spirit used its wheels to dig a trench and then imaged the trench with the cameras on the mast.

Spirit's odometer now reads 2,585.52 meters (1.6 miles). The rover still has 680 meters (0.42 miles) to go before reaching the base of the "Columbia Hills," but will likely get there before sol 160.

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