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Mars Global Surveyor

Last but by no means least is the "Mars Orbiter Camera."

Built from spares left over from an earlier mission, itís been sending back pictures of objects as small as five feet.

Image courtesy Malin Space Science Systems/NASA

Itís shown us dust devils...

A happy face...

Image courtesy Malin Space Science Systems/NASA

Image courtesy Malin Space Science Systems/NASA

A valentineís day greeting card...

Each one of these as well as the infamous "Face on Mars" are natural rock formations shaped by blowing wind, sand and dust.

Image courtesy Malin Space Science Systems/NASA

Image courtesy Malin Space Science Systems/NASA

Some researchers think there are also clear signs that water gushed out from below surface at the edge of canyons and craters, and formed gullies, washing rocks and dirt downhill, leaving distinctive patterns.

They even think these gullies may have formed very recently that perhaps thereís liquid water quite close to the surface today!

As so often in cutting-edge science, "more research is needed..."

But, perhaps, after a century of speculation, at last weíve found water-carrying channels on Mars that are science fact, not science fantasy.

Image courtesy Malin Space Science Systems/NASA

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