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PBS Stations reporting carriage of BOUNCING TO MARS

Please note that many stations are taping the premiere feed on August 12 (only to PBS stations) and will be making carriage decisions in coming weeks. If you don't see your local station in this initial listing, please do call and politely let your interest be heard! It is also the case that sometimes stations do air, or plan to air, programs without pre-notifying the producers. Do please "check local listings." The program is free to all PBS stations and non-commercial broadcasters, who have the right to air the program 4 times over the next 3 years.

Station Community State Air Date Time of Day
Blue Ridge PTV Roanoke VA 09/22/03 21:00
Huntsville ETV Huntsville AL 08/13/03 21:00
KAET Phoenix AZ 09/07/03 16:00
KERA Dallas TX 09/02/03 21:00
KLVX Las Vegas NV 09/09/03 7:45 pm-8:45 pm
KOCE Huntingdon Beach CA 08/27/03 21:00
KOZK Missouri MO 08/26/03 20:00
KRSC Claremore OK 08/27/03 21:00
Lehigh Valley PBS Bethlehem PA TBD TBD
NETV Nebraska NE 08/26/03 20:00
WGBU Bowling Green OH 09/10/03 13:30
WGVU Grand Rapids MI 10/16/03 13:00
WHYY Philadelphia PA 08/26/03 21:00
WJCT Jacksonville FL 09/26/03 22:00
WKNO Memphis TN 08/26/03 20:00 (& 01:00)
WMFE Orlando FL 08/26/03 21:00
WMFE (2nd date) Orlando FL 08/28/03 23:00
WNMU Marquette MI 09/02/03 22:00
WNMU (2nd date) Marquette MI 09/03/03 14:00
WNPT Nashville TN 09/05/03 11:00
WNYE New York City NY 08/31/03 14:00
WSKG Binghamton NY 10/13/03 12:00-13:00
WXEL Boynton Beach FL 08/12/03 16:30