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To MARS with MER - GET INVOLVED! MarsQuest Exhibit

The MarsQuest Exhibit will be renovated beginning in September 2003 and begin its second tour in February 2004. One of the last stops on its first tour was Liberty Science Center where these images of the exhibition where taken.

The exhibit is a great way for you to explore the Red Planet up close with interactive activities, images and video clips from current and past missions to Mars.

Volcano, Olympus Mons and Landing Site are two of the sections where you can explore different geological features and areas of Mars. Each section provides activities on the topic for that section.

One section of the exhibit allows you to make comparisons between Earth and Mars...

Take a look at some rocks that we believe are similar to those you would find on Mars and you can kick up some Martian soil - an Earth version of what we think the Martian soil is like...

Were the images on the left taken on Earth or Mars... Test drive the rover by sending one set of commands just like the scientists do with the rovers on Mars.

Large murals throughout the exhibit show images of Mars taken by the various spacecraft such as Viking and Mars Global Surveyor. The Mars Pathfinder took the panorama on the right.

There are short video clips throughout the exhibit which feature the history of our exploration of Mars and additional images from the spacecraft that have explored Mars. We will be providing some of the video clips for the revised version of the exhibit.