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"Rocket Science 101"
Kids explore rockets by blowing up a balloon to different capacities and calculate the distance and speed of the balloon.

Rocket Science 101 worksheet

The Incredible Light Bulb / Egg Drop Challenge!
This activity was originally written to simulate the Mars Pathfinder landing on Mars. The Mars Exploration Rovers will use the same airbag system that the Pathfinder used. This is a great activity to explore landing an egg safely on Earth.

Rovers From Junk
Pizza boxes, yogurt containers, empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and a crutch are some of the materials we've found that make great rovers. Try this activity and let us know what you found were the best materials.

Bill Nye and some of the ATHENA science team transform a calibration tool into the first sundial to land on Mars. And you can make a replica which tells time here on Earth.