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Bill Nye
"The Science Guy"

Date of Birth:
27 November 1955 C.E.

Washington D.C.

Cornell University, Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Subject:

Favorite Type of Science:
Was physics - now it's evolutionary biology.

Leave the world better than you found it. (Sometimes you gotta pick up somebody else's trash.)

Father worked in advertising sales, Mother has Ph.D. in Education, one brother, and one sister.

First Childhood Memory:
Throwing a rubber band-powered airplane, the Sky Streak, and figuring out how to make it turn left. That way you could stay in one place and the plane would come back to you. It was riveting.

Number of Bow Ties:
Owns approximately six dozen bow ties. Does not have favorite bow tie, although does enjoy wearing black tie and tux.

Coolest Piece of Scientific Equipment Ever Used:
A telescope, because with a telescope you can see things farther away than you can imagine. That and wearing a real space suit underwater.

Favorite Science Experiment:
Blowing up a balloon without your breath using the classic vinegar-and-bakingsoda-makes-carbon dioxide-gas reaction.

Favorite Element:
No favorite element, but really likes water.

Thoughts on UFOs and Aliens:
Believes Earth has never been visited by alien craft, but aliens have got to be out there somewhere in space. Can't wait to find out what the Mars Surveyor probes discover. There will be five or more spacecraft headed to Mars in the next few years.

Favorite Sports:
Bicycling, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee.

Favorite Musician:
Right now, Patti Page.

Favorite Pastime:
Tinkering; especially with bikes.

Least Favorite Pastime:
Maintaining tax paperwork.

Best Part of Having Your Own Show:
"Not only do I get to imagine ways to do something, but I get to do it, too." Advice to Young Scientists:
Try things, then clean up after yourself. Then try some more things, and clean that up too.

Favorite Saying:
"one test is worth a thousand expert opinions."

When did you become interested in Science?
"Uh, I don't remember. I've always loved it, thought it was the coolest thing you could do with your time."

What is your favorite experiment?
"Don't have a favorite exactly. Right now, I love shooting plastic film canisters up off the kitchen counter with baking powder and water."

What is your favorite episode?
"Can't say. There is something in every episode that I'm proud of."

Do you have a nickname?
"Uh, Bill. People call me "Bill". I don't mind "Dr. Nye", though."

Is it fun making the show?
"It's a BLAST. There's nothing I'd rather be doing, especially when I get a chance to have a banana milkshake on camera."

What's your favorite book?
"Right now, it's my next one - Bill Nye the Science Guy's Dinosaur Dig. I also still love "Carry On Mr. Bowditch" by J.L. Latham."&