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To Mars with MER - Interact


The "To MARS with MER" broadcasts will be webcast using RealPlayer.

Daytime Broadcasts

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Prime Time Broadcasts

aired summer 2003

"To MARS with MER" programs are also accessible as streaming video over the web, courtesy of NASA's Classroom of the Future. Soon after the broadcasts, the programs are also archived. Check back to this site, about 15 minutes in advance of each live broadcast, to link in to the video stream. (Many other sites also stream NASA-TV: we suggest you verify the working of your hardware and software in advance, especially if you plan to screen the program with groups of additional viewers.)

How to Access Video Streaming
To watch the broadcast via video streaming you first need to make sure that you have the video streaming software on your computer. You can test to see if you have the software on your computer by going to:

and click on the NASA Headquarters link under NASA sites. If you have the software installed and a version which will allow you to watch the broadcast via RealPlayer a small window should open up and you should see whatever is currently on NASA TV loading.

If you do not have the software or your version is not working you need to download and install a copy of the software on your computer. There is a free version (not just the free trial) of the software available at You will find the link to download the software in the upper right hand corner.

On the day of the broadcast right before the program is scheduled to air visit our site and click on the video streaming link to view the webcast.

If you don't have RealPlayer, go here to get it.

To test if you have RealPlayer installed go to