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To MARS with MER - Interact


Tuesday March 19, 2002
13:00-14:00 Eastern

LIVE FROM MARS 2002 updates viewers on new results "just in" from Mars Odyssey, and explains how this information will contribute to understanding the Red Planet as well as our home, the Earth. Students will see how Odyssey's instruments use parts of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light to discover otherwise hidden aspects of Mars' mysterious surface. At Arizona State's new Imaging Facility--built specially to accommodate student guest observers!--viewers will see how 5th to 12th graders can become directly involved in Mars science. LIVE FROM MARS 2002 will explain how "virtual observations" are open to any teams of students, anywhere, via the Internet.

Video reports on the Mars Exploration Rover mission being built by NASA/JPL, Cornell University and international partners, show how the new images and understanding coming from Odyssey, Global Surveyor and other observations will help support ambitious plans to launch 2 large and capable robots to Mars in 2003.

Videotapes of the broadcasts can be ordered from PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE.