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Spirit Rolls All Six Wheels onto Martian Soil - January 15, 2004

Spirit Ready to Drive onto Mars Surface - January 14, 2004

Go To That Crater And Turn Right: Spirit Gets A Travel Itinerary - January 13, 2004

Spirit's Surroundings Beckon in Color Panorama - January 12, 2004

Spirit Rover Nearly Ready to Roll - January 11, 2004

NASA's Spirit Stages Martian Stand-Up Performance - January 10, 2004

Spirit Lowers Front Wheels, Looks Around in Infrared - January 9, 2004

High School Students Land on Mars - January 8, 2004

Rover Airbag to Get Another Tug - January 7, 2004

Color Picture from Spirit is Most Detailed View of Mars Ever Seen - January 6, 2004

Space Shuttle Columbia Crew Memorialized on Mars - January 6, 2004

Mars Team Energized About "Sleepy Hollow" Near Rover - January 5, 2004

Healthy Rover Shows Its New Neighborhood on Mars - January 4, 2004

Spirit Lands on Mars and Sends Postcards - January 3, 2004